How To Be Happy And Not Crash From The High

One thing I hear a lot is the pursuit of happiness. But no one talks about what will be done once this happiness is acquired. It sounds like a drive to the ice-cream shop with the candy in mind, but no plan to deal with the aftermath of the sugar high and spent change.

Here’s what I’ve learned about happiness:

It is very hard work

There is a huge personal sacrifice to finding happiness. One must shed the old self in favour of a new, free being, and our egos are our greatest enemies in this attempt. You don’t just put on happy, or pick it up as you go along. You can’t fill a full cup. Something has to go, and that thing is your ego. Let go of expectations, ideals, perceptions, hurts, prejudices, grudges, regrets, wishes, and now we’re talking.

It must be a priority

Happiness comes about through the decisions we make in our day-to-day life. We must be aware of our choices and make choices that support our want to be happy. To start, we won’t be happy. We’ll have to make a lot of changes that do nothing for us now but build the future. If you want to know your priorities pay attention to your daily schedule. If happiness is your heart’s desire, it’ll be a priority, not a future start date. Doesn’t sound like fun? Yup.

Needs a destination

The pursuit of happiness must have an end destination to be measurable. Peace of mind is important to me because it enables me to be productive. I’m not spending my energy working on my mental frame on mind, I’m doing the things I have planned and want done. Being happy allows me to see opportunities to serve and grow where I otherwise wouldn’t see them, and being happy makes me bless others generously. Happiness is one of the channels I use to meet my overall vision and purpose over my life. At the same time, I have a use for pain and other emotions as well. So what does happiness mean to you and is it tied to a person, place or activity?

Happiness that’s real doesn’t crash. It’s even-keeled, realistic, and not for show. What do you think?

How To Be Happy And Not Crash From The High

How To Be Happy – A Look At Potential Blockages

Happiness, right?

Who doesn’t want to be happy and greater yet – who wants the hard work of getting it? Hard work? Yep. The things that matter don’t come cheap, and this is important, because humans don’t value what easily comes to them.

We’re more liable to take care of what’s been hard-won than something that’s been inherited or gifted. Happiness is hard-won, and below are some ways in which we get in our own way.

This list should allow you to ponder on your life and some of the things that prevent you from pursuing happiness. Ask God to show blockages that stand in your way.

Denial: We aren’t honest about who we are

We like to think of ourselves in ways that bring comfort to our psyche. Even self-derogatory terms are said in an endearing way to spare the ego. What we rarely accept is the truth of our state. For this reason, a lot of our ideas and plans for the future do not materialize because we aren’t realistic. Who we are is the first step to uncovering who we could be.

Stuck: We like our ways

Let’s be honest, as much as we’d like to complain about some of our habits – we’re quite content with them. Were we not, we’d quit. It’s that simple. If we stop fighting the lie that there are many barriers preventing us from making needed changes in our lives, and admit our love of the sin that stands in our way – we’re one step ahead of denial. Acknowledging a problem gives room to address its removal, whereas denial gives it reason and power to stay.

Excuses: We have our reasons

Nothing hurts like feeling misunderstood and many of us feel this way when damaging behavioural traits are pointed out in us. We see the condemnation, not the love, and bubbling up to our defence are ready-made excuses. The problem with excuses is that they don’t solve problems. They are the children of a lazy mouth and lead to ruin – full stop. One who excuses his/her behaviour will reap the empty fruits of inaction long after there’s no one left to listen.

Fear: We don’t like change

Listen, if humans controlled nature then we’d have no winter, storms or cold winds. Every day would be summer. And the ecological system would come crashing down as well as many other disasters. As hard as it is to accept it, we sometimes shy away from changes that lead to happiness because the pain of the process outweighs the benefits of the change. We’re comfortable being miserable, we learned misery from someone we looked up to and we’ve passed it down to those who look up to us. We look for others to be miserable with, and the only competition between us is whose life is more miserable. To be happy is to change all that and what is there to gossip about if we’re happy? Some people live for chaos and unhappiness because they don’t like change, period.

A good look at where we are is the start to knowing where we fit on the map – are we far off, or well on our way?

How To Be Happy – A Look At Potential Blockages