Does God Answer Prayers?

I’ve mentioned quite often in my posts that for the longest time I thought that God didn’t answer my prayers. Every time I made a request I seemed to get the complete opposite response. When I asked for job security, I was laid off. When I asked for a lasting relationship, I lost mine, on and so forth. So I figured it was time to make peace with being at the end of a lifelong cruel joke.

Years later, I still thank God for the prayers He returned with a “no” and “not yet.”

Older and wiser, I now see how short-sighted my requests were, where God had solutions to my ever-growing nature. Sometimes it seemed like I was forgotten but that wasn’t true. I had to get myself right with God before I could go off belting demands as though His sole purpose were to serve me. If bullying worked with the world, it wasn’t going to work with God. I had to learn to speak His language — love and reverence.

Now, I am confident of my prayers.

First off, I am in right standing with God–nothing I did by the way. I couldn’t have. It’s in my nature to sin and chase after what satisfies the flesh as a result of Adam and Eve’s sin. But through the cleansing Blood of Jesus I am in right standing with God, and the huge gap that separated us is forever sealed. I can make my petitions directly to Him. Not only that, but the Bible assures me that He hears me.

I still get several “no” and “not yet.”

That’ll never change. I still don’t know what’s good for me or what God has planned for me. Experience however has chastened me to respect His decision and wait patiently to see what He has in mind. There’s never regret waiting on the Lord. And faith is tested when I make my request of Him and trust that He’s heard and received my prayer. Do you know the first step to pleasing God? It is approaching Him with a trusting heart.

As you pray today, search your heart and know if you’re in right standing with God. Ask Him in faith to reveal His truth to you today.

God hears and answers prayers. Do you agree?

Does God Answer Prayers?