Do You Trust God’s Positioning?

When Joseph found himself at the bottom of a well or on the floor of a jail cell, I wonder how he reconciled his God-given dreams with his reality? It must have been difficult and lonely to know one thing in his heart and experience quite another.

What about Mary, the Mother of Jesus? When she found herself running away from a ruler who sought her baby’s life–how difficult it must have been to experience such a shocking turn of events after learning her great purpose.

Do you sometimes feel this way? That God’s promises and the events in your life don’t add up? This was my struggle for a long time. Now, I think more of what I’m about to urge you to do, contemplate on the matter called positioning.

Here’s what I consider when I wonder at what God is doing in my life:

I think of the Biblical characters He brings to mind. I ponder on their lives, relate to their humanity and take comfort in loving and serving the same God who called them and took them to incredible heights–His way. I absorb His faithfulness to them as I look back over His faithfulness throughout the years over my life.

Read on the stories of regular men and women who trusted in the Lord’s positioning. The Bible is a love story that shows how God loves and walks with you through all your brokenness and faithlessness. God sees much more than you could understand and if He has you in an uncomfortable place it is ultimately for His glory. Can you trust His positioning?

Do You Trust God’s Positioning?

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