3 Good Reasons To Seek God’s Will Over Your Life

Sometimes, picking up the Bible and seeking God’s word over a decision in your life will sound as practical as eating a bowl of cereal and milk in the car as you drive. Breakfast is a healthy start to the day, but where’s the time?

Even though we know to reach for the Bible, spend quiet time with our Lord, and seek His will during tough times, we’d rather figure out how to deal with our mess in the form of distractions, calculators, and complaint sessions with friends. I know what that life is about, and while I got temporary satisfaction with voicing my problems, nothing was resolved.

Many years later, I realized that the beginning of a storm is the moment that I should pull out my umbrella and check my safety items. That means pulling out my Bible and spending quiet time with the Lord.

There are times however when the situation doesn’t allow for me to excuse myself to pray. I’ve had to go into a bathroom stall at work to speak with the Lord over a brewing storm at my workspace. I’ve taken quick walks to speak with Him about disturbing situations in other scenarios. I’ve stayed in my car for a few minutes longer to pray before entering a place of fear or conflict. There are many opportunities to invite God’s presence into a crisis, long before it turns into a disaster.

Here are some good reasons to open your Bible and hear from the Lord today about a problem area in your life:

1) God already knows your fears and wants you to be brave. Read the story of Moses and Joshua in the Old Testament, and count how many times the Lord told them not to fear. That same God walks with you. Before you arrive at the Red Sea, and before you go into Canaan, He is already there and has made a way. Seek His Will and receive His perfect peace and courage over the decision you must make.

2) If you’re walking in God’s Will, you have the victory. I’ve overcome many struggles, most of which I knew for certain I didn’t have the strength to face. But it didn’t stop me from believing that God could do it. I would look at the problem square in the face and declare my weakness and the source of my strength. No matter how big the difficulty, I knew that the victory was mine in Christ Jesus, and you have the same victory too, if you give yourself over to God’s will.

3) Seeking God’s will is a less laborious experience than walking through your own and then discovering just how lost you are. I’ve done both–walked in my own ways and found myself in the thick of a pack of wolves, and I’ve also taken the time to seek the Lord’s will over my life and thought I’d die from the sheer effort of pursuing it. Putting my spirit down in favour of the Lord’s has meant that I am secure walking in His path and there is no comparison to the degree of comfort and joy felt at God’s right hand.

In a life full of difficult and painful experiences, you receive His special graces to walk through. God equips you for what He has planned for you to walk through. So don’t be afraid to invite Him into your mess.

3 Good Reasons To Seek God’s Will Over Your Life

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