Growing Up and Having Fun: Do These Two Even Know Each Other?

When did you last make a grown up decision that let you have fun?

Not sure what that is? Neither do I. But if I’m to think of something real quick, I’d say my walking routine – it’s good for the heart, the head, and boy is walking fun. Maybe cutting down on eating out and boiling all the beans that have sat in the pantry for quite a while, is a good example. Or watching the savings grow in a jar from dropped vices. Good feelings = fun. But all these examples still require a strong measure of consistency, discipline and planning to work. What happens the days, weeks and months when we stop having fun, when the hard work kicks in and we dread the adult decision we made that’ll help us achieve a future goal?

I once read an interview of a successful entrepreneur and of the many articles I’ve read (in a day, let alone a lifetime), she stuck out to me. It was her honesty. The woman being interviewed said that had she known all she’d have to go through to achieve the level of success she’s acquired, she’d never have started the journey. And while she has no regrets and values her experiences, she wouldn’t go through them again for the whole world. This struck a chord with me because some days ( a lot actually) that is how I feel. Like, “what a great climb up the mountain top, but my sweet Lord, this is such a rough walk.” Mostly, I believe it has to do with the fact that most adult decisions involve carving out our plans, clearing stones from the path, and placing one foot ahead of the other of the future we decide with every thought. And that grown up decision, sometimes, isn’t fun. But it does make for a much smoother ride, so I’m not sure what I prefer – fun, or purpose. And if I wasn’t having fun, would I still do what I’m doing? I think not.

What are your confused thoughts? And do share the post.

Growing Up and Having Fun: Do These Two Even Know Each Other?

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