2 Ways To Stop Procrastinating

I recently had one of those moments where I turned my attention to a task, feeling unusually exhausted. Why bother? I kept asking myself as I went ahead. This one time won’t count. It’s not like we see results from this action anyway. I tried to convince myself to give up my work and go back to bed. Of course I didn’t. Because no matter what, I’ve learned to stick to the plan.

1) Keep going! Complete your hourly/daily task

A well planned course of action allows me to do the daily grind that sometimes doesn’t make sense, because I’ve mapped out its effect on my overall plan. So I may be unhappy, uncomfortable or stressed today, but I’m well aware that my future will thank me for going on.

2) Don’t Give Into Emotions

Another thing I’ve learned, ignoring the first feelings usually pays off within minutes. Before I know it, I’m knee-deep in what I’m supposed to do, super grateful for pushing through, and this in turn strengthens my resolve and will to keep going.

So this coming week, stick to the plan in bite size chunks. You need the extra effort in your ordinary life to do extraordinary things.

2 Ways To Stop Procrastinating

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