Why You Must Let Go, Now

Lifestyle articles stress the need to let go of harmful decisions and attitudes in favour of the beginnings of a new life. It’s clear that to make way for the new, the old must go. Even the promises of spring don’t enter into the world before the fall and winter of what once bloomed in the summer.

As difficult as letting go is, life becomes especially more difficult in our insistence of doing things our way, and of holding on to things. To this effect, let’s talk about the spiritual danger of not letting go when all arrows point to the exit sign of a situation.

When fear of the unknown becomes the basis of our neglect (procrastination) we allow a window for sin to creep in. Its manifest gift is a hardening of the heart. Doubt is the single most powerful destroyer of faith, and in the moments we allow it access into our fearful hearts, we give room for hardness to grow.

You see, hearts filled with faith, and even those that contain just a morsel of faith, cannot harden. That quality belongs to the cynics and those who are spiritually dead. A heart hardening usually happens so that we may silence our conscience and continue to allow the person, thing, thought, or behaviour, to stay.

It’s the only available response where we are unwilling to move into new territory. Change means that we give up our comfy couch place as omniscient king, and demands that we become a new-born babe who must depend on his/her parent for sustenance. This is tantamount to death for the ego.

A hard heart is unyielding to the working of the Spirit within us. Where we are hard-coded to love our treasures as exposed by the heart, we fasten our love to what we’re asked to move against.

Sometimes, we take for granted how quickly we can become resistant and stuck in our ways. This becomes especially true with age. Our vulnerability to wanting, seeking, and keeping comfort, turns into a mirror we can’t ignore at each turn in life.

Before long, we realize that the moments we could have acted are far behind us as we become people who continue any thought that supports a decaying life.

The spiritual downfall of not letting go, is going down with the weight we’re asked to release. Thank God He knows our pride and weaknesses, and gives us an advocate in the Holy Spirit, that we may pray to Jesus for help.

And how precious that help is ever-present for the stuck and the broken, and those who like me, are plain stubborn.

Our spiritual lives are on the balance when we find ourselves in a struggle with resistance. That’s a sure sign that our hearts are about to fall one of two ways:

Submission in spite of fear (faith)


Defence in spite of warning (disobedience)

Don’t be afraid to let go. Beautiful things happen when you accept that it’s time to move on, and you let God use this opportunity to show and then conquer your fears so that they may not bother you anymore.

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Why You Must Let Go, Now

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