Peer Fear: When You Trade Your Greatness To Remain Friends

The road forks where you alone see what’s ahead.  Let me explain.

How many times has your idea been shot down as worthless or impossible for you to carry out? And how many times did you join in the chide with a laugh?

Most times, you’re not entirely honest about how you feel when you let go of a dream, idea, or what looks like an opportunity.

If you’re stuck with friends who aren’t interested in going anywhere with their lives, your ambitions turn into fodder for laughs. You become the:

“Remember the time you thought you’d be the one to sell– what was that crazy idea, again? Yeah – that one. What an idiot. ”

Yet, when you’re not out clowning with your people or doing what needs to get done, you dream of something better for yourself. You think to yourself that there must be something true about how you feel deep down, like there’s greater planned for you.

You may find that it’s dangerous to use such words around your people: reaching for the moon, climbing mountains, wanting to be greater, wanting to be your greatest.

It may not even be friends, it could be your family or co-workers who through their own experiences have filtered a worldview on you that doesn’t ring true. It could also be that you’re around people who generally look down on you, hold  tight to grudges,  and relish in your downfall.

No matter who it may be, when what you want and see for yourself can’t be fathomed, it becomes increasingly difficult to break away. Eventually, you see and accept what others say you are: A dreamer who’ll never make it.

Now, here’s the problem with giving into peer fear, the inability to leave your familiar people for those more in line with your potential, as well as your future goals:

People didn’t make you, God did(Psa 139:14). As such, while you choose to live up to others’ ideal of who and what you should be, it’s God you’ll ultimately answer to. Jesus spoke of this in several parables (Matt 25:14-30).

What are you doing with what’s been given to you?

Is the question to ask yourself today. Carnal gratification is a selfish thing to live for because it feeds the need to be approved and accepted. This drive takes away from the drive of pushing your dreams into existence.

You may have your people around you now, but when you die, you go alone. And in that space it’ll be impossible to lay the blame on someone else. Jesus makes it very clear what’ll happen to His disobedient children.

So, are you ready to walk away from reaping the results of an empty life? If so, Christ is knocking on your door (Rev 3:20). Let Him in and He’ll show you the way. If anyone knows anything about making tough choices (Luke 22:42) or walking alone, it’s Christ our Lord.

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Peer Fear: When You Trade Your Greatness To Remain Friends

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