How Sincere Are Your Prayers For Me?

Do you pray for me, because it’s hard to accept what you see?

Something about you wishing things were different, or I didn’t look like, or do, x, y, z?

Do you petition God because, to further your cause, you turned to prayer when I didn’t respond to the words you had for me?

Sometimes the way you look at me, makes me wonder if your prayers are real, or if you’re seeking the fulfilment of your prophecy.

You see the goodness of the Lord’s heart, is that He knows what’s true

So that when you pray for me, He asks, “And what about you?”

When you say, “make her believe,” He asks, “Do you?”

See if you only wanted the best for me, I’d know because your life would be a testimony

While others speak ill of me, I’d notice that you’re not in their company

Such things I look for, I guess you’d call that seeking sincerity

You’d be the first to welcome me, and learn the nature of my journey

So you’d know if maybe, just maybe,

God placed me here, like this, to show you


How Sincere Are Your Prayers For Me?

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