A Complicated Measure of Success

Success is complicated.

There was a two-year old boy whose English words consisted of the things we admonish our kids not to say. His hand gestures were gang symbols, and he’d seen more from his babysitters and their visitors than any restricted programming could allow.

But he was also well-fed and loved by his parents and grandparents who happened to be gang members. He was placed in the foster care system during a house raid in which most of his family members were charged and arrested for murder, drug, and weapon offences.

The boy grew up to be a bottle peddling drunk with several children scattered across the city. He didn’t kill anyone,  get involved with drugs, and he didn’t join any gangs, but he also didn’t finish high school or keep up employment for long periods either. Every month he cashed and drank his social benefit payments, and everyday he got his meals off soup kitchens and restaurant garbage cans.

Success is relative.

What do you think? And please share this food for thought?

A Complicated Measure of Success

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