The Danger Of Assumptions

Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

I’d had my eye on a project for many years, trying to find the right people to work with and most importantly, the right environment to work in.

Then suddenly, I got a chance to bid on said project and it felt like God’s favour was finally upon me in this issue. Until I realized that it was a one person affair, and I knew one other person who was more than qualified to work at it. Someone who’d appreciate the chance as much as I did. What was I going to do?

I justified to myself that this was my chance; I couldn’t share it. You see, I knew I’d lose the bid if I did.

I ignored the gnawing feeling in my heart that something wasn’t right as I prepared my proposal, knocking away the image of the person rising up in my mind to challenge me. Finally, I had to face my demon–fear. I was afraid of letting the person know of the opportunity, because I knew hands down s/he would win the bid based on years and strength of experience. I knew without a doubt that I didn’t stand a chance against such competition. I had waited for so long for such a chance! But how could I still go ahead in one spirit?

So, asking for God’s strength, I passed on the information, letting the person know that I believed the situation fitting for him/her based on qualifications. Then I started to fold away my work when I thought–


I did my part; I let him/her know about the process–but that didn’t mean I had to give up on myself, just like that. I remembered in that moment that I desired the project and always wanted to compete against the best–it just so happened that this person was the best. Go figure.

What did proceeding do for me?

It reminded me of the strength of my own desires and that I’ll always be faced with insurmountable situations. I needed the experience to build my self-confidence and break through some of my fears, especially those that whispered, “not good enough.” The situation also allowed me to polish up on my game and look forward to more opportunities. I couldn’t believe I was three feet away from packing up and quitting based on assumptions.

So this is my reminder for the day; don’t assume you’ve lost, based on what you see. Lean on Christ’s strength which will get you through anything–and on to victory.

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The Danger Of Assumptions

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