Treat your body like a business: How a business mindset may benefit your soul

If your body were a corporation of which you are the CEO, would you be happy with the decisions it’s making on your behalf? In other words, do your actions please you and reflect the values you’ve instilled over your life?

Most successful businesspeople will tell you that making hard decisions is a part of the job and a contributing factor to their success. I once heard a successful CEO explain that the reason a flailing business succeeded within nine months of his taking over, was because he fired all the employees who brought the corporation down with bad attitudes and terrible work habits. He didn’t accept the job to be popular, but to make it a successful venture.

Such decisions mean that a lot of criticism and harsh judgment will be levied your way, but in your decision-making process, it must be very clear to you what you want to attain.

A battle is waged every day we wake up–one between the body and the soul. If you’re introspective, you may have discovered by now that your mental and physical needs are quite separate and not equal.

Your mind may want to quit an addiction while your body craves the bliss of getting high and loving life. Your body may crave company but your mind isn’t ready to do the work involved in forming lasting relationships. Fleshly (base) desires follow the path of instant gratification while living in the world of “now!”, while the mind (higher) desires purpose, fulfillment, and a legacy, all indicators of “future me.”

Businesspeople will be the first to tell you that patience and persistence is necessary to succeed. Too often, we start on the right foot and then get discouraged when we don’t see results that’ll motivate us to keep pushing forward.

Well, if you’re in the business of creating one hit wonders with your life’s actions, you’re good to go. If not, and if you sincerely desire the attitude and ethic to make and keep forward-seeking goals, consider a business approach to your everyday decisions.

Pack your lunch the night before. You’ll save money and are more likely to eat nutritious food. Replace the couch with a brief walk, using the occasion to unwind and breathe in fresh air. Your lungs and heart will thank you, and after a while, you’ll find your sleep greatly improves while your introspective abilities increase.

Replace a TV show for a half hour or one hour of reading (however long the show is). Actively tapping into your life ensures a richer experience, more so than one garnered from watching others live their lives.

Our minds constantly process what we hear and watch, and reading literature, all kinds of literature, broadens our information scope. Keep in touch with family and friends who lift you up and celebrate your existence.

Lifestyle choices are difficult because something or someone will always pop up to change them. What you must do is decide whether you’re being offered a distraction, a plan away from your plan, and then decide if it aids your goal. The key is to have a goal over your life.

Every business starts out with a vision, and this is what you must have for yourself. What do you want your life to stand for, and what are you willing to do to live it? It is by the framework of what you declare over you – e.g. I want to have fun and inspire others to have fun too– that you’ll judge the decisions that you make, and the many choices that’ll come your way.

Success comes from following through on what you decide. As you’ll soon see, the mind is an amazing thing. Once it knows what you want, it’ll go out of its way to fulfill that request.

As an example,  you may find it hard to avoid drama or outcomes that are disappointing. As CEO, you’ve given your body the right to rule, and as the flesh chases destruction (Proverbs 9), you’re reaping the results of your decisions.

Once you decide to live a  purposeful life and make decisions based on a forecast of the future, the body has no say over you.

Your weaknesses may threaten to overrun you but little is accomplished  by a mind that refuses to bow down to fleshly desire.

As you continue to exercise your mental muscle, your battles with the flesh become diminished and wholeness becomes your reward.

A focused, happy and healthy mind will do incredible things, and that’s what you want, to flourish.

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Treat your body like a business: How a business mindset may benefit your soul

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