The Power of The First Commandment Breaks Every Chain

Things to ponder:

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might (Deut 6:5, RSV).

How is this accomplished?

The heart is turned inside out and its contents poured out on a table. You and God lean in and discuss the condition of your being – what you love with all your heart,  loathe with all your soul, and are afraid of with all your might. The process of breaking chains (what holds us back from giving us, the best parts, to God) doesn’t happen overnight, but over a very long time. More like – over your lifetime.  Transformative experiences are rough, sweet, scary, or plain unpleasant.

You see, you don’t get to show God what you want; rather, He shows your heart’s intentions for what they are and not what you’d rather believe. He first gets rid of the chain of deceit. Once your true will is seen, accepted and confirmed by you, you then get the joyous or painful task of offering up your heart to Him.

So you see, some things will happen quickly while others will take a very long time. As you give up what takes space in your heart, you clear the room for more of God and His things, such as: wisdom, knowledge, understanding, patience, kindness, peace, and love.

These qualities can’t be acquired overnight, and like a great tasting tea, require a good steep in God’s flavour to seep in deep into the heart, the marrow, and the bones.

It’s through your daily interactions, blessings, and misfortunes that you get the chance to let God make you abide by His commandment, or to deny the power of the first commandment and give in more to yourself, which yields a selfish heart and an unforgiving spirit – one in which the Holy Spirit cannot dwell.

Alone and apart from Christ, you can’t love the Lord God, let alone love Him with your whole heart, but you can most certainly make the choice to offer yourself up to Him as a willing sacrifice. Then together, that is in spiritual unison, you can begin the very interesting journey of knowing what it means to love the Lord with all your being.

The Power of The First Commandment Breaks Every Chain

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