Good Things In Good Time: A Case for Patience

Patience – The very act of waiting upon, sitting silently in a corner in expectant observation, until the right moment, the right time, to act upon, that which was already prepared for.

It is the receiving of one’s prize, after a working for a time
It is looking forward to a harvest, at the right time
It is watching the darkest part of the night, give way to the blessed rising of day
It is knowing that as surely as the sun and moon rule over their days and nights,
That the rain falls on the good and the bad,
That each season yields its expected fruit,
That what is sown is reaped, as surely as the drawing in of breath requires an exhale.

It is that thing called Patience,
The silent partner to the workings in the night and day,
The note taker in the affairs of the will and the heart,
The simple nod that approves – the silence, the waiting
The simple nod that dictates – the work required, beforehand, to therefore be better prepared, for what is waited upon
The simple nod that says – Arise! It is now your turn.

Good Things In Good Time: A Case for Patience

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