Points To Ponder: The Luggage And The Road

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Make it a priority to know the direction in which your friends are headed. It’s easy to get caught up in the superficial and material aspects of life and lose one’s spiritual way. It’s only on the way back that one discovers how many thorns, fires and floods have injured the mind, body, and the soul.

Each person is an example. Observe and learn. Stay close to what makes you better; give up what hurts you. You are an example and an experience for all who meet you. Let go of grudges – they only make you bitter and acrid – and embrace forgiveness, starting with yourself. Remember that we each hold places in each other’s hearts. Some are known for bringing joy, and others remembered for creating hardship. Strive through your character development to be more of a blessing than a curse to your fellow human.

Remember what’s important. It can’t be your image, pride, or desires. These will die with you on earth. Reputations and perceptions don’t earn heavenly points. It has to be what Jesus was after, and this can only be acquired by steeping oneself in His Word and allowing the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. Jesus chased Love, and because of it He died. That’s the essence of God’s children;  loving hearts and spirits. Don’t ever sell your soul because you value other peoples’ opinions over God’s.

Fear keeps one locked in a box. Don’t seek or settle for comfort – don’t run away from growth. Some things may be hard to learn or accept, but digging in your heels turns you into a fool. You deserve better, so roll up your sleeves, and allow your hands to get dirty in pruning your heart’s garden. Deal with things now for they will surely deal with you. At the end, only cowards hide from what needs to change, and you get to decide if you’re one of them.

Life is a gift. Not yours to hoard, but given to share. Ask the Manufacturer what He had in mind, and enjoy the ride.

Points To Ponder: The Luggage And The Road

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