Was It Worth It?: Getting What We Want And Being Happy About It

You’ve finally gotten what you wanted – are you happy with it, or is there a part of you that feels incomplete? Sometimes we get what we’ve always wanted, but a part of us refuses to celebrate, and it has nothing to do with denial. Most times, it’s realizing that what we wanted isn’t so great after all, or that it just doesn’t do what we thought it would. If you’re in such a bind, or you’re unsure, ask yourself the following questions. Write down the answers, and in your quiet moment, think about your responses.

– Did you compromise, settle, or force issues to acquire your prize?

– Were outside influences such as others ‘ opinions,  passage of time, closing door to opportunities, or fear, a deciding factor?

– Was the goal a part of your overall personal plan, and in keeping with your aspirations?

– Does what you acquired help propel you further, or does it take you back a few steps? Are you challenged each day to be a better version of yourself, or is it easier to just not care?

What do your answers tell you?

There are ways of getting what you want that result in gratitude and happiness. The path is certainly not easy and will force you to stretch and grow:

If you first work on yourself, your life plan and goals will come together. You will become picky with what you want, and where you see yourself. This means that you won’t compromise or settle. You’re willing to wait for what’s best for you. You won’t force issues to acquire what you want. You’ll take the opportunity to master patience and face your greed, insecurities, and ego.

Placing God first in your life means more than obligatory prayers and church visits. It means worshipping in the spirit, and in truth (John 4: 23-24). It’s a daily exercise in which you allow Him to show you His way, so that you can clearly hear His voice. In all this your life begins to change.

In knowing and trusting Christ Jesus you learn the real meaning of love and alter your life to seek the best; that is, your purpose, your strengths, to work on your weaknesses, to practice love on and with others, and to respect all humanity and people’s’ respective journeys. It means acknowledging your journey, and honouring your past experiences by learning and progressing. Outside influences will stop the more you seek God and His will, and the more you fight your base nature which seeks instant gratification and death in the things it pursues.

If you know yourself, you’ll know what you want. Allowing people and things to define you means that you miss out on the priceless opportunity to learn how incredible you are. You are unique in the ways that you think and act, but if you don’t know who you are apart from what’s in your life, your measurements will always be set against false idols that have nothing to do with the life of your soul. If you were to die today, where will you end up? Your choices are the first sign of what your priorities are, and who is god in your life. It could be a person, a thing, or an attitude. Consider wisely where your choices are leading your soul, and you will know whether you are going where you want to.

Every good and perfect gift is from above (James 1:17). John MacArthur further explains this as: “Everything related to divine giving is adequate, complete, and beneficial.”  Your blessings should make you grateful (not selfish), careful (not negligent), humble (not self-righteous), giving (not a hoarder), and wiser (not foolish). When God gives, He blesses with all that we need to do and become what I’ve described above.

Now, if you didn’t go about achieving your goal the straight and narrow way, and it’s your sincere desire to do so because drama isn’t colourful any more, turn in spirit and give yourself to Christ. He promises to accept, clean and straighten crooked paths one day at a time. The results are abundance in gratitude and happiness, and a spirit that knows and seeks the will of God in your life, so that what you receive is exactly what you need.

Was It Worth It?: Getting What We Want And Being Happy About It

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