It’s Time To Raise The Rent And Kick The Posers Out

If you want to lose your way and go mentally mad, pay attention to every opinion that circulates your head. Do this by paying credence to people who urge your negative character traits by fuelling your anger, fear and insecurities.

It is a sweet pill when first swallowed – the righteous anger that flows through your vein as you consider injustices done to you. The more you consider these offences, and the less you earnestly take it to God in prayer, as well as seek the counsel of mature Christians, the hotter the fire you stoke as the devil joins you in your dance.

Bitter is the taste, for long after your cheering squad departs – either at the end of the day or on to the juiciest story, you are left alone with your thoughts. Dark, hateful, vindictive thoughts in which your ugliness reigns as you give in to mental  murder. Nothing good is stored for you because that poison you drip is only meant to kill you.

Remember the book of Esther? Haman was jealous, insecure and prideful, and he righteously thought he was correct in seeking vengeance against his enemy Mordecai, whose fault was the refusal to bow to him. Mordecai already had a God he served. Well, Haman’s mental stewing and seeking ill-conceived advice led to his destruction, and not only that, but his entire family’s deaths.

That’s the future of bitterness, a closed heart, and an unforgiving spirit. This is the future that God warns against because He knows what evil thoughts and paths lead to – more pain.

At the end of the day, paying attention to outside voices will cost you more than raising the rent in your head and lifting the Bible to read practical, life-giving help further explained by the author Himself. The only author known to sit and read with you. God’s revelation and understanding is guaranteed if you seek Him in place of your family and friends. When you choose Him,  He promises to reveal, mend and restore your ways. He also covers you against the enemy and in their sight you prosper where they expect you to fail.

You already feel the results of darkness because your peace is false. It’s self – sustained and this is what will lead to your break, and descent into madness. Nothing on earth can sustain you apart from God’s grace, and Jesus said His peace is the only one that surpasses all understanding. That’s the peace you want because you want to be happy. Your happiness cannot be dependent on external factors – who or what is in your life – that’s unsustainable. People and things change, fall off, grow stronger or weaker, come together or fall apart, begin or die.

Peace that’s blown like a leaf is your first sign that you’re attempting to create a spiritual existence in an empty home. You have to raise the rent. There can only be one Lord in your life, and you’d rather come across this truth sooner than later.

It’s Time To Raise The Rent And Kick The Posers Out

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