Are You A Dandelion Or An Orchid?

Okay, finishing novel drafts and other projects is not an excuse, but I do have some good news… just coz I’m not blogging as frequently as I used to only means I’m cooking up something good. I can only share what I receive, and boy will God put you through the paces to show you the good stuff to share.

So. It’s February, and I sincerely pray you’ve grown past the “let’s make resolutions” stage in life, because if not, you set the stage for depression, anxiety and low self -esteem.

The alternative should be,”This is what I hope to achieve in 2014… and this is how I’ll do it.” Then write out three, four or five major parts to your overall goal, and little steps to complete each part.

For example; Finances. Major parts would be; Debt Repayment, Savings, Investments. Under Debt Repayment;  high interest credit card – lowest/no interest debt….

You get the idea. Another thing before I move on to my topic of dandelions and orchids, I am constantly on Twitter. Please come talk to me there,  @Necessarychats.  I stepped away from Facebook to better manage my time, and Twitter works best for me. Also, keep emailing me, I love to hear from you, except the “I need your help, sister-in-Christ to move money from my tragically murdered father’s account to my own…” No. Don’t. I won’t be kind.

Dandelions. Those pesky little things that I always called cute plants until it was brought to my attention that they are no good for lawns. Listen. They look like bright flowers to me. Anyway, they keep growing, never give up, and don’t care whether you water them or not. They are survivors, and dare look good as they take over the world – well,  lawn.

Orchids. Beautiful. Smell good too, right? Now try throwing no water, some snow or harsh winds at them. Yeah. If you don’t respect orchids’ conducive breeding – fine,  no breeding – grounds,  they disrespect you by not blossoming.

So what are you? Someone who can grow and thrive in most conditions, or you need your ground set just right, the sun just so high, the water just so wet?

Whose longevity is guaranteed?

Another thing. If you like what you read, please share it. Say that you know this girl Julia who writes as though she’s sitting right next to you, telling you things you already thought, happened to know or needed to read. And the best part is that she isn’t marketing a product, asking for your praise or taking credit for this stuff. Instead she asks you to ask God to reveal the truth to you. Yeah, she’s NecessaryChats and it’s real talk.

So. Dandelion or orchid. How you choose to deal with that situation that’s bothering you right now will let you know. Always look at your current actions. They reveal more than thought and supposition.

Are You A Dandelion Or An Orchid?

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