Black Holes And Stars: What’s Your Personality Type?

What makes one swallow whole anything in sight, and another provide light?

Why do some people hoard for themselves, while others give of themselves?

What makes one incapable of believing in good souls, and another, a believer in the presence of good?

Why do some people start their opinions with “you can’t,” and others, “you can?”

What keeps one pinned to outside opinion, and another rooted in personal outlook?

Black holes and stars are beautiful illustrations for the types of people we are. They speak to our innate nature and consequences of our actions.

An inverted star is a black hole sucking others into its abyss. Its insatiable appetite is the founding principle behind all it devours. Such a dark thing, that no light can penetrate or break free.

Stars shine brightest on dark nights, stand alone, and provide light. They are points for other creations to orbit around. They, amongst trillions of others give humanity a view that validates dreams.

We, like the stars that can become inverted and destructive, get to choose what we’d like to ultimately become.

Giving into fear and refusing to deal with our negativity gives into darkness. That’s the trade-off for fear.

We emit what we are. Our actions are the children of our soul, and what we think, we become.

Courage means accepting our human condition in all its evil and glory, rolling up the sleeves, and submitting to the Holy Spirit’s saving work.

This, after we enter into a genuine relationship with God, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God promises that He cannot be mocked. The types of trees we are, are revealed by the fruits we produce.

Ultimately, our decisions reveal the God we serve and the example we set for others.

Black hole or star: who do you want to be in the universe?

Black Holes And Stars: What’s Your Personality Type?

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