Dismiss Or Be Patient: In The Best Interest Of The Soul

You know you’re traveling when you come across a fork, at which you must choose to turn left or right. Some decisions are not as clear-cut as we’d like them to be, and yet others, as unpleasant as they are, must be made. We can only consider our willingness to pay the price of the decision, if we’re at peace with the spirit in which it’s made.

Speaking of spirits, at any given time, our decisions bend to either one of two wills: toward the Father of light, or the Father of darkness. In addition to one leaning toward the general disposition of one’s soul, it means that a good person can make a wrong decision, and a bad person can make a good one. To which end is the deciding factor–as in, to whom the decision ultimately brings glory.

I struggle with being patient where I shouldn’t, and dismissive where it’s not warranted. Most times, my base nature kicks in where my primary focus is self-preservation. At such times, I’m well aware of how formidable my will is, which is usually a welcome thing when goal-attaining; however, a source of dis-ease and contention when fighting myself.

I don’t like being dismissive, and feel it creep up on me like shadows in the dark. I turn cold and calculating which is not how one should deal with other human beings. Before I know it, my mind has come up with a business plan of why I should sever ties, and immediately.

The ability to snap out of bad judgement calls is wonderful but in this blog I’ve talked more about how destructive this trait is when applied to people. To dismiss is to cut off, to render useless, and cast judgement. That can never be good, because cracks and tears though patched weaken the whole structural frame of a relationship.

God asks us to error on the side of patience when it comes to dealing with people. His description of love found in 1 Corinthians 13:1-8 are the tools provided to combat defense mechanisms such as being dismissive.

In my experience, such a trait – the ability to be selfless and patient, can only come from God, and further to that, through a constant exposure of such forks on the road that require a purposeful acceptance of this disposition until it becomes second nature.

This is why I say keep an eye out for repetitive scenarios in your lives. There’s something there for you to learn other than: “I can’t believe this is happening to me,” and “this always happens to me.” What of your responses have changed since the last time?

God works on faith so that the little displayed is magnified until it’s fruits bear witness to a successful climb over what initially looked like a hurdle. If we’re willing to be captive under His directions, which are there to protect our hearts,  He’ll honor our commitment to better care for the souls around us (His children) by giving us the right attitude, and taking care of our own with the fruits of the Spirit.

Patience and perseverance build character, and this is the only way to fully mature into the people we’re created to be.

Dismiss Or Be Patient: In The Best Interest Of The Soul

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