The Art Of Trust: On Mastering The Mind

I have little respect for pet-owners whose dogs run untethered toward me as they scream out: “Molly! Molly! Bad dog, come here, Molly!” and then to me, “Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite.”

You see, here’s the problem. Your dog isn’t listening to you, so I’m not sure I can trust you.

On the other hand, I have enormous respect for pets that sit or stand quietly by their owners’ side without so much as a flinch, so that when s/he tells me that the dog won’t bite me –I’ll believe them.

As I sit in judgement of pet-owners with healthy frolicking dogs, I’ve asked myself countless of times: “What have you allowed to run wild that you suppose you have under control?” Oh boy. While not answering the question, my feeling toward the dog-walker would subside into a submissive whine.

This is an important question. Too often, we act or react to a situation and place the blame on the other party/side for our actions. We use this to excuse anger, malice, self-pity or bitterness. When I think about my undesirable qualities, I ask myself how I can ask another to trust me where I don’t have control over my own negative trait or emotion. These questions help me delve out problem areas and prepare my heart to receive God’s instructions on what or where I should be headed.

Mastering the mind is one of the hardest personal challenges out there, and yet the results far outweigh the personal cost of losing oneself. Yes, that’s the catch. To master the mind is to forgo one’s ego in favour of higher ideals. This means saying “no” when the mind screams “yes” and “now.” This means saying, “I want to make this work” when the mind screams “forget you.” It means saying, “what do I want my life to be,” rather than “I want it all, now.”

To master the mind is to invite into a very real way, the concept that our lives are bigger than us, and don’t just affect the two or five people directly in our sphere of influence. Of all the billions of things in existence, we are among the chosen to walk the surface of this earth for a time — this is for a reason, and a great part of our journey is to discover our personal footprint on the earth.

Will not happen if our base nature is allowed to govern our thoughts and actions, because survival is the only issue at hand with primitive emotions.

The art of trust is primarily derived from our relationship with ourselves. To master our minds (a life-long journey) is the principle path to forging a deep personal trust based union with ourselves (the idea of being at one with oneself). The book of Proverbs exhorts over and over again the folly of an undisciplined mind. It takes great courage and sacrifice to bend one’s will, and yet, it provides some of the greatest pleasures and safeguarding tools of our lives.

Happy Mastering

The Art Of Trust: On Mastering The Mind

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