Declare The Word For The Week

This won’t be easy to begin with, but once you get into the habit of verbalizing the word you most want to represent your week, you’ll soar above anything that is thrown your way. Not only that, but I guarantee  that you’ll learn far clearly the lessons contained in your week’s event.

The idea is to think about a word that will most likely drive your overall goal, and it should have long-term effects. For example, if you desire to do things on time you may need help with aspects such as laziness, and procrastination. The benefit of acquiring this habit is a dramatic reduction of stress, and  increased time at hand. The word to declare for the week may be “peace.” You’re asking for a peaceful week, and this includes rest (adequate sleep), accomplishments without struggle, and discernment to make the right choices.

Truthfully, hard work is behind the word you choose, but if you’re open to what you need to do, you will in fact manifest your declaration. This may involve taking a few moments to still your mind, pray and plan out your day. Usually, you’d have taken this time to sleep in. As well, you may not participate in breakfast table or workplace disagreements that don’t discuss the merit of the argument, but centre around people’s feelings. Discernment will allow you to say yes, and no, only to those projects, arrangements and leisure activities that support your overall vision.

Life’s interesting in that challenges show up every time one declares a plan geared toward self-development.  Most times this is interpreted as life being cruel; however, trials are presented to test out the strength of our plans. Those who move forward in spite of what’s thrown at them, not only succeed, but increase their ability to overcome future challenges with newly acquired and augmented behavioural patterns.

Each word you declare for your week becomes the commandment sent to your sub-conscious. If you state that you will have a great week, your mental machinery will work to ensure that events are filtered and addressed from such a viewpoint. It doesn’t know the difference between a frustrated moment, and hopeful cry–just what’s commanded. This means one must be very careful with the labels we assign ourselves, and our day. No matter how good or bad the day, week or month is, remember your word, and renew your commitment to it, by declaring it over and over again, until you’re laughing.

Declare The Word For The Week

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