[Guest Post] On Being Different, By Terry Gakuru

There are seven billion people on planet earth, and eight point seven million different species; with six point five million on land and two point two million living in the ocean depths. There is in fact seven billion,  eight million, and seven hundred thousand living things on earth. Let’s not forget to count our planet as another difference to its neighbouring companions. 

This is the epitome of difference. 

The human brain can’t fathom seven billion different things; I know I can’t. In fact, the world could use more difference to forever put us in a state of awe, where man will never find a solution or theory to understand our world. How are we so different?

Within our human group; families and friends, we all seek to manifest our difference, and strive to be unique––a gift to humanity in itself. I rather not think about how monotonous and lifeless our world would be if we were all the same, but I say this lightly because we can never know. 

We are after all, all different. But can we spot the difference in ourselves? Can we define the variation within us as compared to others? One of the greatest personal challenges is self-realization of difference. This distinguishes one from the bandwagon of people who affirm that all are unique and different, and a person who lives that difference.

I take this personal challenge and apply it to myself on a regular basis, as I struggle to be the person that identifies with and lives out my uniqueness.

Lately, I have heard the word potential used in all form of conversations, and yet only recently have I taken time to think about what this means to me. I’ve reached the conclusion that potential is the difference I wish to identify within me and live by. I see it as myself standing on an edge of a cliff, looking to the abyss––dark and unknown. I think of how deep the bottom is, and what could be between the edge of the cliff and the bottom. Is it void?  Is there life at the bottom, and is there a pool of water or just ground? Not having answers is scary. but that’s the exhilarating part of it all.

If I knew my potential, I’d know how to work towards it, and this would rob me of the multiple paths I could take in the path to my potential. I hold the ideal of potential with such high regard; I see it as an effective mantra through the challenges life throws. What could be more rewarding than the capacity to become or develop into something? That ‘something’ is what I’d love to master. Working towards achieving my potential assures me that my efforts are not void, and that there is a prize at the end of the journey.

That is difference to me, and difference that brings rise to positivity––a strong work ethic, and a firm backbone in our very shaken world. 

I dare you. Be a wallflower and strive to know how you are different. What are your thoughts? And please share the post. 

Terry Gakuru is a University of Western Ontario Political Science student, and a global leader, who’s passionate about world issues and current affairs. She is a blogger at Filmnest, home to jazzy movie opinions, critics, reviews, and sorted categories fitting to absolutely everyone. Visit Filmnest at http://filmnest.wordpress.com
[Guest Post] On Being Different, By Terry Gakuru

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