Why Does Light Travel In Straight Lines?

Why does light travel in straight lines? I love the Sciences.

 They provide me with visuals for my advancement in understanding and appreciating God’s work everywhere.

For example, the principle that light follows the path of least resistance can be equated to Proverbs 10:9:

“Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out (NIV).”

How does this work?

This proverb speaks to a single-mindedness of character that ensures a straight line from source (person) to intent (kind of life). Those who prescribe to this verse find that it’s easy to tell the truth in the long run, because the individual has no need to remember what s/he said. Talk about least resistance. One is free to keep walking, and living, without having to remember what was said to whom, where, when.

This aspect of being whole ensures that all parts of the individual are geared toward a single and solid conclusion.

Light is built to travel in straight lines, as naturally as a baby swims in his/her mother’s womb. We’re most productive and happy when we live congruent to our belief systems. It’s a natural fit. When we align our fractured pieces to reflect our goals and innermost desires, we make sense to ourselves, and this peace becomes evident in our dealings with others.

Why Does Light Travel In Straight Lines?

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