I Can Do It All By Myself

You know why people go mad? Their world caves in on them. They live on rules that don’t work in a world that doesn’t care. They don’t listen to advice, and they don’t accept help. The pride they hang onto wins. It kills.

It starts off innocent enough. A hurt to be avoided next time. A purpose to be defended. A time to kill. Whatever starts out as the reason turns into the master. The dog turns on its owner. It kills.

Alice in wonderland was crazy. She was a big girl in a small world. That’s who they become when they go mad. People in small glass cages that don’t make sense. It’s them against the world. No one knows what they’ve been through. People think they are looking for attention. They know themselves. They’re the ones who’ll read this and curse. I don’t know. What do I know, they’ll say.

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I Can Do It All By Myself

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