When It Is Okay To Ignore That Inside Voice

Your thoughts are a combination of all your influences. They sound a lot like the people you most seek to impress. If you’ve had the experience of fighting to kill these opinions until you’re left with your own, you’ll note the difference in the way information comes to you. Over time, you quickly identify an opinion for what it is (a source of confusion.)

A good portion of people however, as strong minded as they may be, are slaves to pleasing all the voices in their heads. For example, when choosing a job, one might consider a parent’s opinion, in addition to other motivating factors. Listening to oneself is important. It’s called a personal GPS system, performing the role of checking with your innate goal, current circumstances, and future wishes at all times, and then providing feedback on your actions.

Here’s a few occasions where you should consider ignoring your thoughts:

1) When you repeat a thought over and over again.

Berating yourself isn’t going to get you anywhere. You’re also going to stop withdrawing self-love by reminding yourself how ineffectual you are in repeating the same thing to yourself.

When you hear a repeated thought, immediately stop. This takes practice, but identifying your weakness, and praying for wisdom and strength to recognize what’s going on, helps.

2) Don’t argue with yourself. Let differing thoughts play out. Learn this, and you’ll save yourself a world of unnecessary drama. You won’t be quick to make foolhardy decisions. Also, in many situations, a few moments of silence during conversations inform people of your boundaries, and in addition to teaching them how to treat you, offers alternatives that may not have been offered had you quickly expressed yourself. All this begins in the mind. 

Learn not to consider, battle or give time to every thought, and you’ll begin to master your life. If not, you’ll spend an eternity arguing with yourself, and the results are self-doubt, and low self-esteem.

3) The moment a justification takes place in your mind, you’re in trouble. Next, you’ll repeat whatever you told yourself until you believe it. The same goes for excusing yourself. If your decision is at one with the spirit, nothing further needs be said. It’s that simple.

4) Ignore anything that sounds like self-pity or martyr. That’s a hole you don’t need to descend. Accept what’s happening, pray, and choose your attitude.

The pay-back is a positive outlook acceleration of  0 – 60 in 5 seconds. Thoughts really are powerful.  They heal or curse our situations, depending on what we think, thus do.

Decide who, and what you want to be, and your GPS will attune itself to this end. If you’re a believer, 
God takes the rocket-science out of this, by showing you who you are in Him, and all you possibly are.
Choose Christ Jesus as your personal GPS, and He sends a helper to reside in you. The Holy Spirit battles for you, teaches and changes your way of thinking to align with the life and person God intended you to be outside of the many voices in your head.

The pointers above may seem difficult to achieve, but that’s why we call Jesus, Lord and Saviour.  What we can’t do of our own strength, is not impossible for Him.
When It Is Okay To Ignore That Inside Voice

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