"I Consider Myself A Positive Person," And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

Here are some scenarios that describe negative thinking. In your quiet time, reflect upon them, and ask God to shine some light on problem areas you may identify. It may be that a sigh of relief will leave you, and in this case, praise the same Lord for giving you the Spirit to fight your will for His.
1) Hater
Two female best-friends go into labor, and one has a still-birth. The woman whose child does not live is happy for her friend, but a touch of bitterness creeps in at her own loss. Her local church counsels her to release the bitterness, and praise God instead for what He is about to do in her life. She finds this hard to do, let alone believe in anything good. Her loss, difficult as is, is made all the worse by her best-friend’s blessing. 
Believe it or not, as natural a response as this may seem, it’s still a negative one. It’s the easiest to give into, and the guaranteed results are many years of being stuck feeling the pain of something that happened a very long time ago. You meet this individual as the one who won’t let go of an old hurt, feels an entitlement over God, life and people, and speaks of all the haters around. Any psychologist will tell you that what you see is a direct reflection of what you feel. If the world is full or haters, it’s only because you’re one.
Positive people take the difficult life events, accept, release, and let go. This doesn’t mean that they walk away without scars or slow-to-heal hearts, it means they choose to fight not to close their hearts, give in to bitterness, or see life as anything other than blessed––that’s where they place their very real emotions and pain. It takes time, it’s not the easiest thing to do, but positive people are very strong, because they don’t give in to the weaker emotions for short-term gain, that being, entitlement and vindication.
2) Hypocrite
Two close brothers go to a church ceremony in which one is convicted and repents of his old ways. He in effect is converted by the Holy Spirit, and sets about changing his lifestyle. His closest brother, and ally, cheers him on, and for a time, even seems to join the bandwagon. They soon clash over values and past-time activities, with the unsaved brother letting the other know that just because one becomes saved, doesn’t give him permission to force his ways upon others, or now sit in judgment of things he once did.
Here’s the crazy thing. The individual is speaking to the reflection in the mirror. When one in the flock changes, for good or bad, it forces the others to look at themselves. I’ll give you a visual: When the neighbour upgrades the exterior of the house, suddenly, all others notice how dull their houses actually look, or how much work the lawns need, street signs and maybe even the roads could use some upgrading. The same works with faith-based conversions. People are forced to confront their own sins, and then decide, if they are comfortable or not with how they’ve chosen to live. Those who aren’t convicted have nothing to say, literally. The ones who feel angst will accuse the saved of being hypocritical, judgmental or intolerant. 
Weak responses come from the hypocritical, who’ll rather not see themselves in a negative light, or accept the sewer they willingly wade in, in favour of making the other feel small. They take no responsibility for their actions, operate based on external stimuli, and work best in numbers. Hypocrites, will almost always participate in activities that detract from tackling on the greater problem; themselves. To see another take on this bold task is daunting, and threatening to hegemony, and to the hypocrite, different must be stamped out.
3)The Dead
A couple lies sleeping in their home. The wife starts because she hears a noise. A thief is breaking into the house, a couple hundred feet from the master bedroom. She tries to wake her husband up, but he is fast asleep––snoring to be exact, and won’t budge. She continues to wake him up, and soon knows that he can hear her, but probably thinks she’s bugging him over hogging the space or blanket. Her desperately quiet pleas, so as not to alert the intruder, go unheeded. Letting herself off the bed, the wife picks up the phone, tiptoes to the bathroom and locks herself in. She proceeds to call 911.
When the Lord arrives, will He find you sleeping, or will He come for you, because you acknowledged the nudge, woke up and called upon Him? On that day, many will say, “Lord, Lord,” but Christ Jesus Himself said that only those who do the will of the Father will be recognized. It isn’t moon science, folks. If we have our Father’s DNA, and His sign imprinted upon our lives, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit will be evident within us.
Life isn’t manifested publicly through social media, prayer meetings and whatever else we loudly do, but over a period of time, one will testify that a transformation has indeed taken place with the specific individual. It will be hard to ignore what God is doing in this person, because his/her life will reek of the Holy Spirit’s influence. This again has nothing to do with what one posts where, during what. It will be noted during regular interactions in which the individual’s words and actions testify on his/her behalf. Those asleep imagine they are awake, but like the husband content to snore and brush off the insistent nudging, they too will be caught walking dead.
Positive people appear to glide through life, and very little in the form of misfortune happen to them. That’s a foolish way of thinking, only weak people consider that. No-one’s life is easier or harder than the next, for each is given his/her share. The difference lies in what the positive are willing to do to live the good life. They choose their attitude everyday, and battle against the base human nature that demands ego and instant gratification be the order of the day. Believers of Christ have God to give them His power, so that through them, His light may shine, to expose and invite, in love.
"I Consider Myself A Positive Person," And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

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