Signs of Spiritual Laziness

As any mature Christian will tell you, the Faith is a life long walk, where a variety of terrain ensure optimal fitness–should one submit to the experiences, and not fight them.

I’ve learned that the bitter battles occur when we move away from God’s hands, and refuse to trust in His plan. This is where our pride kicks in, and our will, begins a collision course with life.

Now, there are those who don’t know what I speak of above, and thank God for that. They would be a bit more diligent on the faith factor, and maybe even militant with what they allow or not, in their homes.

Regardless, take a look at some of the material presented here, and in your quiet time, ask God where you stand with Him, in terms of your spiritual health.

– Life of Strife
This is a sign that the Holy Spirit does not reign over your life. Your situation may be a little unbearable now, but if you forget this more often than not, the Spirit reigns. The peace that surpasses all understanding is yours. Also, what do you bring to the table? Words of war, or peace?

– Some Rules Apply
Picking and choosing the Gospel like a buffet, is evidence of greed. You want the Christian title, but you want to take part in mind-altering drugs, fornicate, forgo church, chase after vanity, and not judge anyone along the way. Listen, your lifestyle choices are not fooling anyone.

I’ve learned first-hand the dangers of foolhardy choices. You are either God’s sheep, or the world’s property, but at least be very honest about what road you’re traveling, for the destinations are¬†abundantly clear. God will not be mocked, the results of your life are because of your choices.

– Detest Authority
Yes, we are equipped to know what’s best for us innately, but how old are you? Four, ten, sixteen? Why the ambivalence over authority figures? What chip on the shoulder do you carry that allows you to sneer upon, or speak ill against the people God allowed in positions of power?

Be careful. Distrust and hatred for authority figures (with the church representing the highest form of “bondage”) speaks directly to your latent feelings about the father-figure in your life. Ask God to show this to you, for out of the above signs of spiritual laziness, this makes me most nervous.

If you have a problem with authority, you’ll have a problem giving yourself up to Christ fully, as He requires. If you have parental issues, you’ll never really allow God to be your Father, which He is. Don’t lie to yourself, it isn’t worth it.

The good thing about looking at our spiritual life and asking God to show us what’s working, and what isn’t, is that we get into the habit of daily preventative and nourishment care.

The side effect of spiritual laziness is that we sing God’s praises when things are working out, and bust out the music, fasting and prayer meetings when things go wrong. Suddenly, we are Christians.

In between, we ask not to be talked to about spiritual matters, because it’s being judgemental, as though the conviction doesn’t come from Him. As though God is tissue in a box, waiting to be used.

Signs of Spiritual Laziness

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