The Enemy Did Try, But Couldn’t Triumph Over Me

A Song of Praise

My God is Awesome.

Just like the sky, stagnant above over millions of years, is His watchful eye over me. And like the cleansing rain that a thirsty ground drinks, to bring to life, the harvest in Spring, He quenches me, so that I have no need, but in a position to always give. It is not enough that wolves in sheep skin gathered around my hut, ate my food, and slept in my bed, from them, my Lord squeezed out the sweetest blessings, that being the best revenge.

Oh, that He has shown such favor, the day He rescued me from the devil’s nest. Oh, that His love assured reached out and met me, tucked deep and alone in my distress.
Oh, that the enemy’s snare was laid to rest.
Oh, that all disease was turned away, all grief, negative influences, scattered, like fallen leaves on a windy day.
Oh, that my mouth is not silenced anymore, for no fear of condemnation captures my soul.
Oh, that He has lifted and annointed me,
This item of wreck, an instrument to please my King.
Oh, that my Lord is King, and His rule mighty over me.

That I shall walk, and paths be cleared for me.
That I shall speak, and kings bow before me.
That I shall sing, and trumpets will blow for me.
That I shall praise, and my God will accept my offering.
The head and not the tail.
The beginning and never the end.
The giver, not the one to beg.

Oh, you daughters of the most high God, the King of ages, arise.
See what it means to live like this,
To know a love so deep,
No crevice shall it miss,
No hole shall it not fill,
No need shall leave you panting,
No hurt shall destroy your soul,
No sting shall corrupt your virtues,
No thing stands before you and your King.

Oh, but the enemy did try, and this is my response to him:
What you meant for evil, God meant for my good.
No weapon formed against me shall prosper.
And we know that all things work together for good, for those who love the Lord, and are called according to His purpose.
You remember the story of Queen Esther, Satan? I shall live, and not die.

My God watches me. He watches my coming and my going, He is my beginning, and my end. He is my joy, and my comfort, my provider, redeemer. My deliverer lives, and in Him,  I’ll always breathe.

The Enemy Did Try, But Couldn’t Triumph Over Me

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