Are You A Hoarder? Several Descriptions We Wish We Were Not

Hoarding is a dangerous habit.

I had a dress that sat in my closet for years, waiting for my weight loss to kick in. I was a size eighteen, and my dress, a part of my glory days, a size ten. I never got to wear that dress again.

The dress didn’t motivate me. I preferred to dream and not work. I wanted the smaller size, but was unwilling to do the work. I was scared to meet my weight loss goal, because I was afraid of change.

I am now a size ten because I put in the work. It becomes easier to let go of what isn’t now you, once you understand the reason for your habit.


Someone’s talked to you about a habit you have that’s not good for you, or one you should pick up again. “I know, I know,” you respond.

That’s your gatekeeper, the part of you that filters information to suit conformity, speaking on your behalf, and shelving everything to a folder called “forget it, never gonna happen,” placed in a sealed vault in your heart.

While you tell others, yes, yes, I’ve heard, move on, your inaction tells that part of you that hopes for better, that you’re not worth the effort. Why? You’ll probably fail. Worse yet, what if you succeed?

When I find myself procrastinating over what I should do (not want, but should), I ask myself what my fear is. There’s a reason behind every lazy move, and the best way to get rid of weeds, is to uproot them. That means going straight to the source.

Be sure, we reap what we sow. If there are people who are happy or successful around us, it’s because they put in the hard work to reap these results. Nothing lands on anyone’s plate with no teardrop or sweat bead, no matter what it may seem like.

Some people work very hard to live positive lives, in spite of days filled with cloud and rain. Others prowl the earth making others downplay their blessings and achievements due to imposed guilt. Yet others are leeches, passenger-side riders, and the list goes on. None of these will acknowledge a title less than; realist, opportunist, partner, and helper.

At the heart of the matter, life is about choices, and living with them. To learn and grow includes accepting those parts that need be put away for good, and the self-imposed titles that are less than pleasing.

If you don’t like a title, put that crown down, and step up to the plate to acquire a new one. It’ll be hard work, but it’ll be worth it.

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Are You A Hoarder? Several Descriptions We Wish We Were Not

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