Why Me, Lord?: When God Picks You As His Messenger

Do you know there are people out there who claim that God speaks to them, fully cognizant of the looks and sneers sent their way? Yet in this they persist, and you have to wonder why.

Who willingly places him/herself in the line of fire, and even if seeking attention, why such a pathetic route? Would it not be easier to claim fame through means that don’t expose the individual’s base nature, flaws, and sins, as s/he declares God’s word in the most inappropriate places?

But, how different is this situation from biblical times? Were prophets not reviled in their home towns, professors of Christ cast off, followers asked to speak sweet things and not intolerance? There’s nothing new under the sun.

It’s easier to believe that God only speaks through the Bible, and sometimes, in individual lives, but a truth is that in modern day today, God has, and calls, prophets, an unlikely people to speak a message to His own.

We don’t necessarily call them prophets now, that word as old as time, but they are messengers. In our society, not many will gladly pursue such a career; to be a messenger when one could be a CEO, yet in a biblical sense, a messenger holds no greater status than a servant–both do the king’s bidding, both are called to obey and serve. So it goes with those commanded to speak a word. They are clothed and built to obey.

Think about it. One would have to be thick-skinned and individualistic to stand out in this way. Old Testament prophets much as they complained to God about their tasks got up and opened their mouths–receivers in the house or not. So it goes with modern day messengers… they’re so used to rejection, the side-effects of spreading God’s word is the least of their problems.

Messengers are more mortified by the thought of saying their own thing, by seeking other ways to dilute what might not sound like a pleasing message. They are people too, who sometimes balk at what God tells them to do, as they look around and think, “Here? You want me to say this here, Lord?” Yes. When God speaks, it’s hard to deny Him, though one may ignore Him.

It’s impossible to walk away when He calls and places His finger over a messenger’s life. Things immediately change. What is beloved is taken away, as idols are cleared from the path. That which brought pleasure becomes an abomination, an eyesore, and refuse to be discarded. Priorities are rearranged, dreams shifted, purposes made.

It becomes clearer why one is gifted as is, where effectiveness comes into play. That which nearly destroyed now becomes the evil to be attacked, the very tool being those qualities once poorly understood.

Ah, yes. God’s messengers today are no different from yesterday’s. They are the unlikely ones, previous black sheeps no one was interested in using as a role model, a good example, a fitting member of society. Yet God makes them this way, society’s pity, egomaniac’s projects, church charity, and the mat to stamp feet on.

God purposes them this way, for only He knows what He means to do with them: to teach a few of His proud children, to reach the ones drowning in their stubbornness, and to preach to those who won’t step into church halls.

Oh, but God has a plan for them all–His messengers, and His children, and no matter where they all hide, as wandering strangers in foreign lands, He knows His sheep–each by name, and calls them in, each by hand, just as He’s always done, since biblical days.

Why Me, Lord?: When God Picks You As His Messenger

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