I Always Say..

Time to consider what we always say.

Our brains are constantly working, turning thoughts and wishes into reality. If we’ve ever wondered why we receive the opposite of what we want, it may be time to be real about how we truly feel.

Have we unilaterally been expectant, hopeful and determined, or have wishes floated above a deep well of self-pity, laziness and ingratitude? Are excuses still our friends?

Now, we are who we are, and the older we get, the harder it is to hit that reset button and start again with aspects we may wish changed.

Realistically, it took specific experiences and a length of time to create even those traits we most loathe within ourselves. So expecting a recognition and detest of said habit isn’t going to cut it.

If we’re not careful, the helpless sense will feed into our debilitating attitude that we are who we are, and cannot change.

Understanding a weakness is much different from defending an undesirable trait. If we get to know why we operate the way we do, call out the sense we want to feel or avoid by the common phrases we repeat inward and to others, we become deliberate about our thoughts and words.

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I Always Say..

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