How To Kill Self-Doubt In 3 Hard Steps

Hey,  if I could sell self-confidence and a healthy esteem I wouldn’t. It couldn’t be real if it didn’t originate from you. That’s why you’re still searching, reading every new material out there, watching whatever promises personal freedom and reciting scripture that you’d like to believe in, if only it would come true.
So here’s the deal.
You have to do the work.
God promises that what’s inside you is greater than the spirit of the world. You can’t sit and wait for the gold in loving who you are, and what you’re about, to form out of your wishes. As a believer, grab onto Jesus’ promise expressed in Matt 11:28, and let’s start climbing these steep stairs.
1)      Meet Yourself
There’s something that makes you, you, and not Tom or Jane. If you’ve lost your ability to sense it, start with the inconsequential. Pay attention to what you eat, how you stretch out on the bed to sleep, what kind of music you listen to, your favourite colours, and what makes you laugh.  Study yourself, and not to judge, but to make observations.
Watch your reactions to good and bad news, to families and to friends. Look at what you do for leisure, the jobs you apply for, and work, and the classes you take in school. Don’t squelch but allow and feel what makes your heart race, what gives you shivers, when dread overcomes you, and what makes you cry.
This is the grunt work–learning who you are in the details you take for granted (reality), and not the wishes and desires of your heart (imagination). In time, it’ll be easier to say and do what’s truthful to you, as your mindset changes to accommodate the amazing person you find inside.
Strengths become apparent, and you find ways to express your individuality and build on your inborn talents. You seek help with problem areas and issues that need to be resolved, but you also discover
God does indeed provide for your needs.
2)      Say Hi To The Survivor
Self-doubt arises from an event or series of events that knocked the living daylights out of you, so that when you picked yourself up from the floor, you realized you were empty. Vision may be hazy, body may be tired, mind may be screaming, but please remember this—you’re alive. You made it, full stop.
Those scars, broken bones, missing parts — they are your medals. You survived something or things that tore at you and wanted to destroy you, but something in you fought for your life, and now you have it. You owe it to the cheering child inside to kiss yourself, bless God for keeping you and ask Him to heal what’s broken while you make your best life yet.
The best thing you can do for yourself after all you’ve lost, is to promise to receive and give more than ever before.  Not everyone can do this, but you survived, you’re here, so why not.  What more could happen? You already know what the bottom tastes like. Take your time, and please start with the first step.
The more you learn about yourself, the more incredible you’ll feel to know just how wonderfully and fearfully you are made. You’ll learn the reasons behind your choices, have a greater capacity to forgive your past and decisions, and quicken the process of accepting you as you are, as you work toward what you want to be.
3)      Find The Genius
Now, if you’re wondering why you’re alive at all, it’s because there’s a plan with your name on it. God doesn’t create mistakes, and each thing He makes has His DNA. You have God’s fingerprint on you, which means there’s something about you that will reveal Him in a way only you could show. That’s your genius—giving to the world what can only come from you, and no other.
How does the world play? Unfair. Self-doubt is meant to kill you, this part of you I speak of, so it may be silenced and not bless the multitude of people it’s placed in you to heal. The stronger your spirit, the harder the battle. Good. The victory will only be sweeter, the results far-reaching in impact.
Let your tears count for something. Use them to polish your hard work and throw your best swing. See what flies. You’ll be amazed, and happy that you tried. With each successive swing and multiple misses (life won’t suddenly be easy and filled with sunshine, folks. That’s the movies), you’ll apply what you learn and grow strong so that this time around, you can be sure you’re headed for the finish line.
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How To Kill Self-Doubt In 3 Hard Steps

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