The Problem With, “No Use In Trying.”

Remember an occasion when all hope was lost but something good happened a few seconds to “time’s up”? If so, we know how empowered we felt as we easily shed the previous coat of doubt, hurt, anger and maybe defeat, for our new crown of glory.

Those are amazing moments, and quite rare too, so whenever we get them we should enjoy that glimpse of heaven.

Now, here’s more of what happens—we don’t always get what we want, and even as we practice a prayerful and patient life, sometimes the answer we receive to our requests is wait or not yet, and we take that to mean, no.

I’ve heard despair in some people’s voices over unanswered prayers to secret pain, and it breaks my heart to hear what replaces the hole in their hearts.

I’m talking about a neediness that develops and soaks into all the heart’s corners, so that all they see is what they don’t have, and so, are not.

The trajectory sort of looks like this:

We initially start off with a complacent or hopeful, “May your will be done, Lord,” and then proceed to a, “I’m claiming your promises over my life, Lord,” to “I’m still believing on you for this, Lord,” through a few more declarations before we shut this part of our prayer life down.

We’ll continue to pray for things alright, we’ll even talk to God, all day, every day, but just not about what He obviously doesn’t care about, because we too are tired of complaining, crying, praying, and believing.

This is the spirit of, ‘No use in trying’. It’s particularly lethal because it’s heavily coated in bitterness and self-loathing, formed when we become too prideful to admit that we resent God for not answering our prayers. Loathing occurs when we turn the ill feelings inward, and chastise and debase our worthiness.

Life’s not going to be fair, but we have been given the Holy Spirit to help us conquer challenges that come our way, including unanswered prayer. Narrow and hard, we were warned, is the road that we’re on. This includes heavy measures of keeping our hearts open and practicing patience on our part.

Honestly, if there’s no work involved in what we seek, it couldn’t be that good for us. Too often, we’re spoiled and get tired because we can’t see what’s at the end of the road.

For some, childlike wonder and expectancy that made us patient in waiting, was lost once we grew older, and money, position, or power, made us realize we could shortcut our way through life. Some of us were raised by parents who couldn’t be bothered to instill discipline in us as they indiscriminately gave us what we demanded.

‘No use in trying’, is as life-defeating an attitude as it comes. It’s the beginning of the end of a lot of souls. Once we give into this spirit, we let go, and not to, or into, God, but into and for, nothingness, the trap Satan’s been hatching.

You see, when we adopt a life of carefree living, the seeds we sow don’t belong to the Kingdom of God, and the influence we spread doesn’t inspire or generate godly greatness.

Instead, we capture other lost souls seeking company, and buy them into believing that the here and now is all that there is to it because God doesn’t care.

Believer, God knows our hearts. Before despair pushes us away, we are to call to Him and He’ll respond in love and mercy.

God knows how hard it is to turn to Him when we’d rather just lash out because we’re genuinely tired.

Let’s turn to Him. Through everything, and especially when He says, wait, or, not yet.

We can’t see God unless we let Him, and there can’t be two of us, so let His grace be sufficient.

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The Problem With, “No Use In Trying.”

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