What Does "No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper," Mean For Me?

I received a lesson one weekend that had me reeling in wonder.

I set off one busy Sunday to complete a few tasks for the day, and met up with a colleague as agreed. Immediately, he set me in a bad mood as he rearranged our schedule to—not much. I chose my attitude and let my frustration and disappointment go, but I was deflated as we drove to our meeting, and conversation was an effort.

During the journey, I wondered what God meant with this change of plan, for by my calculations the effects would slow me down. I chose to trust Him, but boy was it a struggle to lay low my A type personality. We soon arrived at our destination, and after the meeting,disappointment flew out the open car window as the child in me jumped up and down in glee. I was happy and repentant and beyond elated. I was getting exactly what I wanted after so long, it was hard to accept things were finally turning around for me in this area.

Until about an hour or so later when said dream burst into a water bubble of a million drops. Mission impossible. 

I remember thinking, “Okay, Lord, why would you allow that experience for me?” I needed time to think and pray alone, and the opportunity was afforded me as my partner and I went our separate ways. My goodness, didn’t my mind decide to wander into the vaults of bad memories, unrealized dreams, backfired plans and lofty wishes, to produce something akin to a goliath. I looked up at this mental giant and sighed. “Bring it on,” I thought, ready to fight to see the light and the good where sometimes it’s just plain dark, but I was tired, and this particular situation would have asked a lot from me.

Several hours it took to decide on a game plan. Three seconds to overturn it.

The question was simple: Would God place His child in harm’s way, and force her to accept something beneath what she’d be entitled to as His daughter?

Remembering whose daughter I was resolved my dilemma. Now, this is why I needed the visual lesson:

Previously, I’d battled some fall-out consequences of a treasured relationship that died despite my best efforts, and repeated pleading in prayer. God had better ideas for us, and He showed me His power via a series of carefully orchestrated events in which I walked away with only minor burns, and an abundance of wisdom. Not to mention deep gratitude for the save, lol.

Moving on, I understood where I erred and how God rescued me, but I had a few nagging questions about the whole relationship, from its inception to its end, as I tried to understand where I failed myself, and what I could have done different.

Try as I might, I couldn’t see the events take place any other way, and grudgingly admitted the lessons learned were well worth the price. The cost was steep. The experience was designed to either cement and further enrich my spiritual life, or make me shut the door to believing in God and the good in people, thereby allowing darkness a window into my heart.

Try as I might, I couldn’t bring myself to let some after-the-fact questions go. I finally made my peace and as usual, moved on. A little while later, my experience was repeated in this unrelated incident, in which I had to say in wonder, “My God is Mighty”:

When you’re about to receive a great blessing, a wrench is thrown in your path in the form of what you want. It won’t have God’s mark on it, and you’ll know this, because God doesn’t contradict Himself. Refuse to succumb to your tiredness, and any excuse that comes up. Don’t fight what you can’t see, Satan knows what he’s doing with your weak points. Do not budge, refuse to settle, forget succumbing.

Stand in your situation and remind yourself that you are God’s child. Jesus Christ died so you wouldn’t have to—which happens every time we let less than the best happen to us, which can only come by that which created everything. Satan is defeated. It’s your job to believe that and wait on what the Lord has prepared for you. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

What Does "No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper," Mean For Me?

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