What Rejection Could Mean For You

No, has led to many disastrous and often life-ending decisions, and yet the equal but opposite reaction to this force has forged some of the world’s strongest individuals and life-changers.

So this is what we’ll study today; how to turn our rejections into ejections.

Not Yet – Hindsight is a precious teaching tool, but the price is the experience that must come before it.  Some lessons are best learned after the test. Only then can you know:  

1) where you were,

(2) where you are,

(3) what you did, and

(4) what you’ll now do.

Your task:  Prepare to meet the right opportunity.

Not For You – We can’t have everything under the sun, and for good reason.  It has been said that more tears have been shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones. If you’re not blinded by bitterness and a chip on your shoulder, you’ll respond “amen.”

Much as God knows what we can handle in terms of calamities, He knows our limit for good with blessings. Trust the process of life, it gives what is needed for the utmost growth of the person. Anything else belongs to Satan – greed, envy, childishness, lack of gratitude, hoarding etc.

Not Now – A prudent parent will not give his/her first year college kid unlimited access to four-years’ worth of tuition fees, unless s/he is interested in unleashing a lazy, leeching, ungrateful and entitled adult into the world.


God knows what He’s doing with the measure He hands at any given time. The sweetest gifts have been the ones long hoped for, tearfully prayed over, and carefully worked for.

We’re warned not to give pearls to swine lest they trample on them, and the same can be said about receiving unexpected gifts we’re ill-prepared to appreciate and take care of.

No – We didn’t create ourselves and we are not masters of the universe. A healthy dose of humility makes for a skillful person.

We’ll never grow or refine if doors are constantly opened for us. Sometimes, and for no good reason, we need a door shut in our face. The gift is Perspective.

No – There’s something you’re not getting and it’s time to simmer down and listen. The same lessons come about until we get them.

Bluntly, we’re liable to make the same mistakes because we didn’t stop to reflect, but instead pulled up our tattered pride, and with tears streaming down our faces, and vows to never be defeated, went barrelling down the same road.


You know the definition of insanity. You’re it.

Don’t defend. Learn.
Don’t nod your head. Implement.
Don’t just form a habit. Master.

Today’s lesson is taken from Matthew 25:14-30 – The Parable of the Talents

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What Rejection Could Mean For You

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