Why Wait Till We’re Dead To Rest In Peace?

Peace–– a fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23)
Live in peace is a blessing gladly received and bestowed upon the living while rest in peace is assigned to our dearly departed. I want us to look at these words in a different context, one in which our physical/mental and emotional rest is involved and the type of peace we seek and breathe. Ask yourself what you do when taking a break of any kind. Does the time bring you peace or serve to fill up the space with yet another activity? Also, if this involves other parties,  what is the language culture amongst yourselves; that is, what do you speak about and in what ways. How we spend our leisure time informs us of the state of  peace within us and illuminates what works and what doesn’t.
Here’s something to consider. While resting, our defences are naturally down. This is a reason homes are important to people, where one should be free to be oneself without judgement or fear. The same should be experienced amongst circles of family or friends in which an undress can take place and social masks discarded at the front door steps. At these moments our spirits are highly susceptible to life-changing decisions.  Here are breeding grounds for discarding or hardening old thoughts and adapting new ones. In stasis we’re closest to our true nature. 

Moving away from negative environments that don’t foster growth is difficult. It takes major emotional surgery to remove oneself from an unhealthy mindset and lifestyle. Turns out the fear of choosing better for one’s rest and stepping away from people and things known and loved is more painful than the actual process. Perception is reality only until one has walked a distance in which forward movement is inevitable and a backward glance unnecessary. Along this new path, one discovers friends headed the same way. 
To this effect, knowing just how difficult it is for humans to select a life apart from the world, God doesn’t leave one alone. He doesn’t ask us to choose the “high” road for kicks and giggles, mocking the valiant warrior who stumbles onto victory with no promise of tangible reward at the end. For a lot of people, the fear of change is highly characterized by the threat of loneliness and standing out, a fear of moving away from normalcy and acceptability. Jesus knows this all too well having experienced it first.

There are many ways to move forward. I advocate the path of least resistance in a rocky mountain climb. We don’t have to do this alone, God promises to be there with and for us. It is in believing that He steps right in and pretty much does the work. Our battle lies in exercising the power in our thoughts, and fighting our spirit to submit to His way. As we do this, we escape the world’s version of peace and enter into God’s rest. This is a peace the world can’t understand (John 14:27) and translates as proof (fruit) of the Spirits indwelling (root) in us (tree).

Why Wait Till We’re Dead To Rest In Peace?

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