Scared To Be Lonely So I’ll Take Your Company

How many defeatist choices have we made because we feared loneliness over sanity? It’s so sad to see what starts off as a bad decision become the broken record of an otherwise amazing person.

Do you know what happens when we begin to excuse bad behaviours? We turn them into habits, and dull our conscience so we may co-habit. While warned against bad friends, do we consider those traits we hug and profess eternal adoration to?

If we have an itch that won’t go away, after a while it becomes the norm to pick at it. That’s what happens with things that don’t pass––we make do, or find a way to get rid of them.

Most times, and especially with ourselves, we can’t be bothered to put in the hard work, and so we find a way to keep what hurts or destroys, much like an abused person will justify staying with an abuser.

With this thought in mind, the next time you’re tempted to judge your friend, relative or colleague’s decision to stay in an abusive relationship, look about you for that habit that abuses your mental, spiritual and physical health, and contemplate on your reasons for allowing it to remain.

Loneliness is terrible. It’ll be that the world will forever offer glitter and glamour in the promise of forgetting that one is lonely, for as long as will and money suffices.

Loneliness can be a dangerous feeling that will destroy in a matter of minutes, reputations built over years, trust endowed over time, and self-worth gained over a lifetime, amongst others.

To avoid feeling lonely, a lot of strange things have been done, and excuses run rampant to allow continued habits to reside despite changing seasons.

With that said, let’s consider the following: When we avoid loneliness by seeking what’s out there other than ourselves, we tell our soul that we are unequivocally not worth our attention. That’s the first consequence of our actions – damage to self.

Every time we subdue to Other, we tell the Self it’s not enough. Over time, our conscience is deadened to our uniqueness as we conform to normal and acceptable and crowded, if only for something to do, and someone to hold. Loss of self is a deadly price to pay.

We speak of artists who “sell their souls,” yet it’s easy to forget that we too do the same with our actions, by finding outside that which is satisfied only from the inside.

We sell our soul, bit by bit, for a flash of comfort, a bit of glamour, a slice of companionship, a hug of comradeship, a touch of belonging––all falsehoods revealed in our lifetime, at death or judgement.

Question is, what’s your worth, and who’s fighting for you?

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Scared To Be Lonely So I’ll Take Your Company

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