To Love Or Not To Love? Is That A Question?

Fruits of The Spirit: Love

Coming back from a month long vacation. What have I been doing? Some serious self-development (and book edits, writing classes, nesting decisions (ahem) amongst others), you won’t believe how I’ll push your limits on this blog moving forward. My intention? When we who claim to be Oranges are squeezed, I intend for the purest Orange Juice to flow out of every molecule. I’m talking to us believers of Christ.

What I’m saying is, by working on the inside, we won’t have to worry about the outside. Whatever life throws at us will be met by what we’ve built within. Remember the parable of the two builders (Matt 7:24-27)? Sand and stone were the different materials, natural elements the same, results remarkably different based on CHOICES. I’m interested in strong foundations and firm houses. So is God. So He started with me, this creature He created for His own reasons.

Today’s lesson is Love, the first fruit of the Spirit we’ll look at (Gal 5:22-23). Grasp this my friend, Love doesn’t discriminate and its the antithesis of Fear. This means we can’t claim love while we fear what we don’t understand or believe in.  Here’s another thing, our hearts can’t close up if in fact we love.

The Bible is full of warnings and comfort against fear. Why? The Bible also speaks against hardened hearts. Why, again? Fear and closed hearts have nothing to do with God, and in them begins the creation of a different kind of master. Now in a world in which there is only Good and Evil and no in-between (sorry folks, your refusal to choose a side doesn’t absolve you from falling into either) kicking out Light allows Dark to rule.

A closed heart that fears is your clearest indication that the Holy Spirit doesn’t reside within you. You probably already know this. We know what happened to Judas where pride wouldn’t let him confess his sins to God (Matt 27:1-5). We also know that Peter the Apostle betrayed Jesus out of fear. Yet he fell to his face and confessed (Mark 14:72). We know what became of both. What’s your choice today?

To Love Or Not To Love? Is That A Question?

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