Why You Should Grow Up Today

Examine your strengths and do something about their weaknesses.

Personality traits should always move your life forward, not keep you stuck in a moment or drag you back. These are God given optimization tools and not armour to navigate a cruel world with. You see when properly utilized, our strengths reward us in enriched choices and lives that positively affect those around us.

Our actions are far-reaching. 
What God places in us is guaranteed to bless or curse multitudes because He created us to spread. Trees and plants are spiritual metaphors of how we live our lives – what we allow to grow and what’ll come of it, the fruits and flowers analogous to the results of our choices – are they bitter or sweet? Fragrant, flavourful, or an abomination to the senses? When we develop our strengths positively we give God the glory because that’s how He created us. By virtue of being who we’re meant to be, His work in us is revealed.
Now much like pruning is required to ensure fruitful harvests, so is growing up a necessity of life. It’s human nature to stick to what we know. The problem lies in wearing the weakness of our traits as shields forgetting this is what shapes character and informs consequent actions. 
The Holy Spirit continually works in us to bring us to fruition; however, God will not battle the unrelenting heart. If there’s areas about you that need changed, it’s advisable to accept responsibility and hammer down on it. As a believer, conviction is going to be a life-long process in which we should never consider ourselves “finished” or “done” unto death. There’s always room for growth, improvement, stretch and like a strong tree with branches that reach out into the heavens, more. 
Keep in mind that we’ll always reap what we sow in season, and an inability to grow up in one or more areas of our lives will be the results we and others have to contend with. What do you need to work on, and have you accepted God’s help in bringing about change in your life, or are you happy with, “that’s just how I am?”
Why You Should Grow Up Today

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