Our Father’s Work: God and Fatherhood

God disciplines His children, not because He’s God and can, but that He’s interested in the type of people they are and will become. He wants children that’ll take after Him, embody His character and know His heart. It’ll be well with them in the world, because they know their place in their Father’s house.

What angst fills our hearts when we’re not at peace with our parents. Destruction follows us and permeates different areas of our lives when chaos exists in the home. This is compounded when our relationship with God is at loggerheads.

It isn’t well with our souls because God created our hearts with an intentional hole. It becomes our earthly mission to seek God. Those who get it chase after God’s heart. Those who don’t turn to what the world offers as replacements. That’s what it means to be lost.

Eventually we all face God. It’s His desire that this is done sooner rather than later, as only He makes crooked paths straight. God is a loving Father who desires to clean and clothe His children, not punish and discard them.

The Bible is a testament to His faithfulness. God loves, forgives, disciplines, restores, gives. The Old Testament speaks of His great restoration plan, and the New Testament prophesies this further. God is in the business of restoration. He is a God of order, and His creation speaks to this.

He is also the God of discipline. What good father will not discipline his child? We don’t have to look far to see the effects of slack parenting. We have the results before us – within our families and beyond. We reap what we sow, and in forgoing what we need to do now, we reap tomorrow’s results. In the case of slack, slothful, careless actions, the fruits are disastrous.

God’s not interested in that. He’s interested in looking at His work and declaring that it is good. He is the creator and perfecter of good works because good is His nature. As His children, how much more would He want for us?

God’s discipline, love, mercy and commandments are for our good, because He intends good results for us. He wants us to emit His character no matter how much we’re squeezed. The visual example He provides is in fruits. Apple trees don’t drop pears, and a squeezed orange releases orange juice not cranberry.

God wants us to represent Him and His kingdom because any proud father will want people to know his children and where they come from. These are His intentions for us if we’re willing to accept all that comes with being called His children.

Our Father’s Work: God and Fatherhood

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