Self-Pity Be Gone!

There’s an evil out there called self-pity. I’ve seen what it does to people and hate it. It has a certain expression that comes over the individual when spoken to about this part of his/her life that hurts to the core. It sickens me. Not the pain, wound or source of injury – but the rot that comes over in the name of self-pity.

Clean wounds heal faster and better. Contamination and decay do not fester. If there’s something that needs to be dealt with in your life, tend to it asap. If not, over time self-pity will take over and rule that aspect of your life. You may as well walk with a dead limb. It will rot into other aspects of your life.

There is no in-between. You’ll see in this individual unchanging cynicism, disdain for anything good, bitterness over past events, stuck attitude about people/situations, and an embracing of darkness that equals an unending tunnel of despair.

That could be you. If you don’t fix what burns, it’ll be you. If you stick with one like this, it most certainly will be you. This individual is stuck. You’ll burn out trying to bring him/her into the light. Your spark will die. Get out. There’s only one Jesus. Ask Him to work on you so your wounds may be healed, and the person you care about, but let’s not pretend for a second its you who will save one drowning in self-pity.

If you have a dead limb – that is, a situation in which you feel defenceless, deal with it. I can’t repeat this enough. Deal with your issue for it will surely be lord over you. Our prisons are self-made. If you feel sorry for yourself, mull over the same difficulty, despair over the same problem, you succeed in locking yourself down with chains created by each thought and consequent action.

Deal with it asap. Refuse to be held prisoner by feelings associated with past events. Deny the part of you that takes pleasure in the familiarity of the pain associated with these thoughts. Kill the disease. Refuse to die. Fight self-pity with every ounce of your strength until that is the least of your problems.

Self-Pity Be Gone!

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