To Love & To Hoard

She wanted him,
She got him and then she kept him.
To herself. To love and to hoard – away.

From his family, his friends, his loves and his laughs.
Till death – even that wouldn’t put them apart.

To live – in unity, where two became one. One. Thought. Way of being. Life. Decided, believed in.

Through sickness – disease. The one where her need to be loved was greater than her desire to share.
And health – where all his wealth became her’s, his seed, his heart, his being – her’s.

A Mary’s Dilemma  – where her four walled heart became her prison. He – her object of concentration.

They – the enemy.
Her’s – to serve and protect, keep and hold, steer and mould.

To Love & To Hoard

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