Attitudes Bless Or Curse, Where’s Yours Taking You?

We know what haters look like but seldom accept this title for ourselves. At its basic, bitterness breeds hating which dwells in discontent. 
Bitterness is a choice. Not everyone who goes through trials or tribulations wear them on their faces, in their words or over their lives – yet they are hated upon as though they haven’t faced “life” to know what it’s all about.

Such an attitude works much the same way a scorpion sting does – it knows no bias and will infuse where it lands. Watch out for your friend who speaks ill of others, is unable to accept responsibility, and gladly accepts his/her detrimental choices. This individual doesn’t mean good things for you. The devil will use what’s available to him and such a person is a brewing pot for disaster.

It could also be you. The days you don’t feel up to your emotional best watch out for others. Unknown to you, you may be a stumbling block in someone’s way. It could be a simple comment in answer to a friend’s hope, one that rings like this: “yeah, but these things never happen.” 

A bad day or trying time in your life doesn’t give you permission to rain on another’s parade. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to choose your attitude. Atitudes bless or curse. 

The idea here is simple: all our steps lead or keep us on a particular path – one chosen by thoughts and actions. A bad day or trying time is just that, nothing greater or smaller in the grand scheme of things. Keep your perspective, and you’ll understand that hard work on attitude doesn’t get a break until some things are habit.

Make it a habit to be positive, to seek and draw out the good in people, to give only good things, to do and say what is beneficial, and to live on purpose. From my writings, you’ll never tell whether I had anything to eat that day, how the roof over my head was paid, who died yesterday – that is a choice I made. 

A hater will call me superficial, and I’ve also heard the word pretentious. I laugh. There’s nothing to fake. My attitude is hard won. I also chose my God so this isn’t a task for me; it’s a battle I gladly lay at His feet.

So here’s my invitation if you find yourself struggling to keep the peace, to detract from hating and to cut off people/things who serve to kill, steal and destroy – turn to God and tell Him the truth. Tell Him what He already knows but wants to hear from you, how hard it is to let go of people you love because their attitudes and decisions are not good for you, how much you want to stop being unhappy and that you want to choose life.

There are no words God can’t understand, please remember He’s the one who created you. What He’s looking for is the truth, and if you bring this to Him, He will gladly accept your offering, and turn your broken and ashy gift into something life-giving from His spring of Life. 

Jesus made this invitation in Matthew 11:28 when He said “come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens and I will give you rest.” Take Him up on His offer. See what He’ll do for you.

Attitudes Bless Or Curse, Where’s Yours Taking You?

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