Food For Thought: Personality Test

Paper and pen this one:

What’s your greatest strength?

What one great quality would people ascribe to you?
What one thing do you or would you love to do with all your life (might)?
What would you like your eulogy to read?
Look at your paper.

How did you arrange your thoughts? What did you write in bold, small, slightly diagonal, or straight lines?

Do you see what your written words tell about what you think of your dominant side, including any misgivings, fears, hesitations and pride?

What can you learn from what’s written? Is your instinct to ball up the paper and toss it to the side, store it away for a different time, or sit and mull over it?

What does your reaction tell about your attitude toward one of your best attributes?

How do these thoughts and behaviours translate into other areas of your life?
Food For Thought: Personality Test

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