4 Steps Toward Balance And Unity

 How to stay forever young? 

– Abandon bitterness and pain. Make this a priority. Rid yourself of what contributes to spiritual and emotional rot. Some things take a day, others a lifetime. 

– Hang onto hope and dreams. Belief in good and happy outcomes is a choice. Keep searching for the rainbow, the light at the end of the tunnel, the sun rise, and the mountain peak. 

– Do what’s naturally good for you. Watch what you consume both literally and metaphysically. Treat your body right, keep healthy and positive relationships, and do good work. 

– Learn to participate in your community. This repels self-pity, ego and pride. A healthy perspective of your role in the universe is necessary for mental health.

These views assist in cultivating the following:

– Gratitude
– Childlike capacity to be awed
– Discernment
– Focus
– Self-love
– Self-motivation
– Integrity
– Communion

4 Steps Toward Balance And Unity

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