When Bummed Out Gets Boring

Signs you’re ready for a change:
1)      You look forward to new problems. 
2)      Waking up is getting harder. 
3)      You spend more time thinking about the past and the future, than you do participating in the present.
4)      DIY books, blogs, magazines and shows aren’t cutting it for you anymore. You’re tired of “hearing” and want to “be.”
Try something different today. Whatever you decide don’t give it a thought. You want to learn to think in different ways as this allows you the imagination to consider a variety of possibilities.
We take mind training for granted and yet in its basic sense the mind is our wealth – without it, we are but flesh and bones. Muscle wastes when not in use and the mind is no different. Our physiology changes over time to adapt to thinking and acting patterns, and we want our engines revved and moving so that right chemicals are excreted and harmful ones reduced. Big things start small.
Have a 30 day goal to try or think different. Make it small and do it for you. It isn’t going to be easy. 
One of my strengths is to encourage people – pass along hope where it’s sometimes dark. It isn’t an easy trait to acquire but came over many years of mind training – it’s a muscle, an asset and a craft, and requires that I work at it every day.
This asset has paid off in a number of ways but important to this discussion are two:
1)      The ability to bounce back from misfortune
2)      The ability to think of different points of views and avenues for “next”
You’ll want this to help you move your life in the direction you want by creating new beginnings where you recognize the end.
When Bummed Out Gets Boring

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