Prepare For Whatever: How To Beat Expectations

Problems lie in fears attached to pasts. We decipher unknown futures based on present circumstances and past experiences. We determine cause and effect, not as it occurs, but in hindsight. Many times, we ascribe results to what we believe we deserved.

I don’t need to get into where such thoughts take us. I’ll get into a weapon we can use to fight some of our expectations:
1) We can decide our attitudes. This defends our spirit, and gives it reason or push to continue striving. It tells our soul our position on the matter, regardless of control. Standing in unity is key to survival. There is strength in numbers – put your multifaceted, fearfully made self to work in determining and keeping an attitude above normal altitude. It’ll work wonders for your soul.
2) Immerse yourself in Godspeak. Talk to God all the time. Listen to what you’re saying, when and how to determine the kind of relationship you’ve decided to have with Him. Then seek His Word. Find out what God has to say about your life, situations, the world, His plan for humanity. One-sided relationships have never worked, it won’t in this instance. God speaks, you listen, much as you’d like Him to hear you out. Humility is key.
3) Do what you can. That which is within your power, give it all. If you’re afraid you don’t have it that day, see above paragraph. In my experience, God comes through with what you need to do what is right for you. It’s all for His glory you see. He created us for His glory, and if you meditate on that, you’ll understand that He’s for you. He wants you to succeed. He plans for you to work. 
In focusing on these things, we take our energy away from what is negative and still out of our control, allowing us a means to be powerful, resilient, and patient in what may seem to sometimes be an unending tunnel.
Prepare For Whatever: How To Beat Expectations

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