Human Angels – Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Recently, a friend went through a difficult situation that left her helplessly standing outside her home on a cold night. A neighbour, whom she’s never spoken with, wordlessly walked over and stood by her for hours as my friend waited for help. 

When she briefly left, she returned with an extra coat for my friend to wear. What this neighbour didn’t know, is that my friend had just turned to her sister on the phone for help, and been shunned.

Once, a distressed single parent argued with her teenage daughter in the parking lot of a mall, drawing unwanted attention from passersby and shoppers walking to and from their vehicles. The woman screamed out her despair to her daughter and the world. I got out of my car, walked over to them and hugged the mother for a long time, while I held her daughter’s hand.

A long time ago, my mother, sibling and I travelled with a cousin to a rural boarding school to drop her off. It rained heavily, and the four wheel drive Subaru was no match for the slippery, muddy hill on top of which the school was located. 

The hatchback’s wheels locked, and the car rolled backwards into a ditch. Out of nowhere, two young men banged on the driver’s side windows and gave my mother instructions on what to do with the steering wheel while they pushed the vehicle out of the ditch.

I’m currently working on a novel based on a young woman’s life-changing encounter with what appears to be an angel – except she’s not. She’s simply someone who answered the call to help.
Human Angels – Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

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