What Do You Feed Your Eyes?

Once, lost in thought during a commercial break, it dawned on me that I’d followed my favourite show for quite a few years. As I did the math, there felt a slight panic at the thought that I wasn’t as cautious about what I watched as I’d thought. I allowed my favourite things to fly by my internal monitoring system. Such a realization quickly forced me to evaluate the value of information acquired over the years on the show.

Another time, while watching a different TV program, I asked myself why a particular scene disturbed me. I realized it was because of the point of view presented. It asked me to identify and empathize with the given information. I questioned the validity of the message and its relevance in my life.

These small experiences helped bring to light the plates of food I placed before my eyes. They reminded me that what I allow shape my thoughts determines my changes. It became necessary to return to the drawing board.

Eyes are the windows to the soul and the soul can only reflect back what it sees. Are you feeding these needs on empty calories of reading and viewing material, or does each experience teach you something that stretches your understanding?
What Do You Feed Your Eyes?

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